Invited Sessions

Title Organizer
A causal inference perspective on estimands in clinical trials Kelly Van Lancker
Advancing clinical trial design in rare diseases Ying Lu
Anticipated non-proportional hazards in confirmatory RCTs: Should we still use a Cox model and log-rank test? Dominic Magirr
Covariate adjustment in RCTs: Translating theory into practice within a pharmaceutical company via a data challenge Dominic Magirr
Causal discovery with a view to the life sciences Giusi Moffa
Causal inference and the art of asking meaningful questions Vanessa Didelez
Endpoints in clinical trials and medical product development: Multiple endpoints, composite endpoints, and biomarkers and surrogate endpoints Toshimitsu Hamasaki
From multivariate to high-dimensional and functional data Marc Ditzhaus
Net benefit, win odds, and win ratio: Methods, analysis, and interpretation Arne Bathke
Online hypothesis testing and subgroup analyses in complex innovative designs Thomas Asendorf
Statistical strategies in toxicology Bernd-Wolfgang Igl

Topic-contributed Sessions

Title Organizer
Advanced survival analysis Andreas Wienke
Beyond the two-trials paradigm for generating pivotal evidence in drug development Marc Vandemeulebroecke
Causal estimands for time to event data Vivian Lanius
Critical cross-disciplinary collaboration in dose optimization in oncology Rong Liu
Design of preclinical experiments Bernd-Wolfgang Igl
Epidemic short-term forecasting in real time Johannes Bracher
Finding the right dose – Project Optimus and beyond Anja Victor
Generalized pairwise comparisons Arne Bathke, Johan Verbeeck
Interpretable machine learning in biostatistics: Methods, applications and perspectives Marvin N. Wright, Matthias Schmid
Neutral comparison studies in methodological research Sarah Friedrich
Prognostic and predictive biomarkers in personalized medicine Hong Sun
Safety and benefit/risk assessment in master protocols Alessandro Vagheggini
Statistical issues in health care provider comparisons Johannes Rauh
Statistical software engineering in the pharmaceutical industry: Increasing productivity, transparency, and reproducibility via open source collaboration Daniel Sabanes Bove
Volume-outcome relationships in health care Tim Friede

Satellite Symposium

Title Organizer
Ten years of the STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies (STRATOS) initiative – progress and looking to the future Ruth Keogh, Willi Sauerbrei